Schools Gallery

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We are grateful for permission to include music from "Saft-Tongu'd Melody" Volume 2, recorded by the Scottish Traditional Fiddler, Hugh MacGilp, a kenspeckleMearns man, accompanied by Morag Macaskill and Fiona Rutherford. Press the play button to enjoy the music as you browse the gallery.

  • Mearns Parish School at Mearnskirk closed in 1876
  • Loganswell School, closed 1928
  • The old school at Polloktoun
  • Mearns Public School demolished 2005
  • Broomlea, where Miss Margaret Osborne used the back parlour as a schoolroom
  • Crookfur Primary School
  • Mearns Primary School
  • Kirkhill Primary School
  • St Cadoc's Primary School
  • Eastwood High School
  • Mearns Castle High School
  • Belmont House School, previously Broom House, the country home of John and Arthur Pollok
  • St Clare's and Calderwood Lodge Primaries
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