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We are grateful for permission to include music from "Saft-Tongu'd Melody" Volume 2, recorded by the Scottish Traditional Fiddler, Hugh MacGilp, a kenspeckleMearns man, accompanied by Morag Macaskill and Fiona Rutherford. Press the play button to enjoy the music as you browse the gallery.

  • The building in the right foreground of the Main Street was the first manse of the Secession Church, built in 1743; the smaller building beyond it was the church. Both were shops by the time this photograph was taken.
  • The manse built by the anti burghers. Later called Newton House - demolished in 1967.
  • Third Manse of the United Presbyterian Church, as it was then titled built in 1866.
  • The church built in 1836 was demolished in 1938. Newton Mearns Parish Church is built on the same site.
  • The pulpit and organ in the Secession Church of 1836,  described by one parishoner as the
  • The present Newton Mearns Parish Church under construction in 1938-1939.
  • Newton Mearns Parish Church on Ayr Road.
  • The first Catholic Church in Barrhead Road built in in the early 1900s.
  • St Cadoc's Catholic Church on Fruin Avenue opened in 1981.
  • The Church of Broom.
  • Mearns Parish Church built in 1813. The
  • Maxwell Mearns Castle Parish Church attached to Mearns Castle.
  • Newton Mearns Hebrew Congregation.
  • The Glasgow Reform Synagogue, originally Mearns Parish Church Hall, built in 1910.
  • Newton Mearns Baptist Church.
  • The Covenanter gravestone in Eaglesham Churchyard.
  • The inscription on the Covenanter  gravestone in Eaglesham Churchyard.
  • The Covenanter monument at Lochgoin.
  • Lochgoin Farm the home of John Howie where many conventicles were held.
  • The Templar Stone at Mearns Parish Church.
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