Mearnskirk Gallery

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We are grateful for permission to include music from "Saft-Tongu'd Melody" Volume 2, recorded by the Scottish Traditional Fiddler, Hugh MacGilp, a kenspeckleMearns man, accompanied by Morag Macaskill and Fiona Rutherford. Press the play button to enjoy the music as you browse the gallery.

  • General view of Mearnskirk Hospital
  • Mearnskirk during WW2 when it was used to rehabilitate sailors from the Royal Navy.
  • A teaching session with Dr Dale at Mearnskirk
  • The cardio- thoracic operating theatre in the early 1970s - state of the art in its day.
  • Heliotherapy was part of the treatment for children with tuberculosis as well as good food and rest
  • Miss Taylor and some young patients enjoy hydrotherapy at Mearnskirk.
  • As well as healthcare children received educational tuition. Miss Fergus with her pupils in May
  • Playtime at Mearnskirk.
  • Relaxation for the staff
  • Alfred Ellsworth MBE a generous benefactor to the children enjoys an ice cream with some friends.
  • Dr John Wilson OBE erected small statues in the grounds to amuse the children.
  •  The statue of Peter Pan unveiled in July 1949 in memory of Dr Wilson.
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