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We are grateful for permission to include music from "Saft-Tongu'd Melody" Volume 2, recorded by the Scottish Traditional Fiddler, Hugh MacGilp, a kenspeckleMearns man, accompanied by Morag Macaskill and Fiona Rutherford. Press the play button to enjoy the music as you browse the gallery.

  • Capelrig House built in 1769 for Robert Barclay, a Glasgow Lawyer.
  • Croyland, previously known as Rysland built in 1874 designed by Alexander -Greek- Thomson.
  • Thornhill, once the home of the Misses Melross, now demolished.
  • Fa'side House. The tower house was built by Wallace Fairweather in 1911.
  • Greenbank House built by Robert Allason in 1765. Now in the care of the National Trust.
  • Hazeldean House built in 1910 by the Paterson family. It was well known for its beautiful garden.
  • Netherplace Cottage, originally the home of John Wallace the owner of Netherplace Printworks
  • Shawhill stood on the Old Mearns Road, near to Mearnskirk, just north of the Red Lion
  • Southfield House built in the 18th century was sold for the building of Mearnskirk Hospital
  •  Mill workers' homes at Hazelden Mill
  • Todhill House originally built in 1710 was extended in 1901
  • Woodstock, originally the coach house for Todhill was demolished in 2009
  • Crookfur House now the site of Crookfur Cottage Homes.
  • Barcapel House built in 1912 by Sir Thomas Clement was destroyed by fire in 1965.
  • Netherton House was the home of Andrew Clement, brother of Sir Thomas Clement of Barcapel.
  • The manse built by the anti burghers was later a private house called Newton House.
  • The Women's House and Low Row at Netherplace
  •  Broom House built by John and Arthur Pollok is now Belmont House School.
  • Patterton Cottage at the junction of Stewarton Road and Capelrig Road was demolished in 2008
  • Firwood House on Eaglesham Road, built by Dr. Mackinlay for his marriage in 1891.
  • Hazelden House built by Patrick Reid who emigrated to Australia in 1839.
  • Townhead House pictured in 1911 was the home of the Gilmour family.
  • Thumble Ha' at Gateside was once the home of tailors.It was later occupied by farm workers.
  • Craigard, the home of Robert Anderson, built beside the garage,
  • Capera cottage, the home of Mrs Young. The origin of the name is a mystery
  • Waterside House on the site of Waterside Farm
  • Balgray House 2009
  • Inglestone at Patterton built in 1923 by Sir Thomas Clement for his son James
  • Broomlea, originally the home of the Osborne family, now a restaurant.
  • Craigend photographed in 1950
  • Craigend photographed in 1960
  • Capelrig House in 2009
  • Pollok House Ayr Road the home of Strang the tailor
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