Andersons Garage Gallery

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We are grateful for permission to include music from "Saft-Tongu'd Melody" Volume 2, recorded by the Scottish Traditional Fiddler, Hugh MacGilp, a kenspeckleMearns man, accompanied by Morag Macaskill and Fiona Rutherford. Press the play button to enjoy the music as you browse the gallery.

  • Craigard House, built in 1902 by Robert Anderson next to the garage on Kilmarnock (Ayr) Road
  • Robert Anderson, his wife Elizabeth and their son John at Craigard beside the garage.
  • The forecourt in the early days.
  • The first motor ambulance in Scotland supplied by Andersons in 1912.
  • Robert Cottman at the forge where he made motor parts in the early days.
  • Building an air raid shelter at Andersons Garage at the beginning of the Second World War.
  • Maurice Anderson with The Bug, one of the Anderson Specials which James designed and raced.
  • Munitions work at Andersons during the Second World War.
  • Munitions Work during the Second World War
  • The Vertimax Lathe, designed by James Anderson
  • James Anderson with his Sunbeam Talbot. A cine camera was mounted in the passenger seat.
  • A turntable in the forecourt avoided customers having to reverse onto the main road.
  • 1700 guests were invited to the Jubilee Exhibition in 1950
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