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Next meeting is on 3rd March 2020 at 7.30 pm in the Fairweather Hall. 

"Scotland's Lost Villages" presented by Dane Love.

Across Scotland there are many lost villages - abandoned communities that no longer exist. This fascinating talk takes the audience on a tour of some of places. Many villages were created by mining companies to house their workers. Others were small seaside communities that were destroyed by wind-blown sand. Others were forcibly removed by landowners, either determined to improve their estates, or in some case, just to improve the view from their own country houses!

Come along on Tuesday to find out more from one of MHG's perrenial favourites, Dane Love.

Dane lives in the Ayrshire countryside. He has written over thirty books on Scottish subjects in general, and on Ayrshire in particular. He works as a teacher at Irvine Royal Academy. His website is

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