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Jill Bill

Next meeting is on 2nd April 2109 at 7.30 pm in the Fairweather Hall. "When Sundays Brought the Post" presented by Jill Scott and Bill Hicks. The talk centres around the times when there was hardly a household in Scotland that did not have the Sunday Post delivered on a Sunday morning. So it was not the postie who came to the doorstep but the newspaper boy. Jill joined the Sunday Post as junior reporter in 1975 and Bill joined the company in 1970 as a compositor and then later moved to the editorial department. They both left in 2010 so, if a little bit of arithmetic is applied to these years, between them they managed to clock up 75 years. What they talk about is how each of them became involved in newspaper journalism, the people they met, the places they went to, etc. The talk takes the form of firing questions and answers at each other and is presented without slides.

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