Constitution & Rules

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  1. The Name of the Group is Mearns History Group; it incorporates the former Mearns Reminiscence Group and Mearns Local History Group.
  2. The purpose of the Group is to promote knowledge of local history and to collect items of Mearns local history in any form and make them available to any interested party.
  3. Copies of the material will be issued from the Group’s archive according to the copyright regulations.  No copies may be made of the materials without the consent of the Group. Permission for any use, e.g. publishing or commercial, must be obtained from the Mearns History Group and any copyright holder.  The property of the Group can be issued only with the permission of the Group, and borrowers must abide by conditions set such as length of loan, for private study only, and for the sole use of the borrower.
  4. The Group normally meets monthly from September to April.
  5. Membership will be open to all interested on payment of an annual subscription of £10 or any amount subsequently agreed by a General Meeting.  Visitors to a meeting will be admitted for a fee of £2, or any amount subsequently agreed by a General Meeting.
  6. The Annual General Meeting will be held by June each year, at which independently examined accounts will be presented, and Committee Members elected: this Committee shall comprise the Office Bearers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), together with 6 other members.  The Office Bearers shall be appointed annually but will be eligible for re-election. One third of the ordinary members of the Committee shall retire each year but be eligible for re-election.  An Examiner will also be appointed for the following year.  Decisions will be taken by a simple majority of those present and voting, and a quorum will be 40% of the membership.  The group may confer Honorary Membership on any person considered to merit it; they may also appoint an Honorary President if they wish to honour a particular member.  The Honorary President shall be a member of the Committee ex officio.
  7. The Chairman shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time when requested to do so by five members.  All General Meetings are subject to a week’s written notice to members.
  8. Any money acquired by the Group will be deposited in a bank account: withdrawals will require two signatures from those designated by the Bank as signatories to the account.
  9. Changes to this Constitution may be made at a General Meeting provided that details of the proposed change are included in the notice calling the Meeting.
  10. In the event of a Committee Member resigning, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt a replacement to serve for the remainder of the term for which the resigning member was elected.
  11. In the event of the dissolution of the Group any money in the bank will be donated following payment of any outstanding debts to a suitable charity in the area; the Group’s collection of materials will be donated to East Renfrewshire Council Archive.      

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