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Click here for recent research on the Mearns men who were killed in World War 1.

Click here for information about the ancient Capelrig Cross.


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The last meeting of the 2017 - 2018 session

will be held in the Fairweather Hall on Tuesday 3rd April at 7.30 pm

Douglas, 14th Duke of Hamilton

                                         Scottish nobleman, amateur boxer,aviator and politician   

                                                       Ostap Melnick

       * This meeting will be preceded by the AGM


World War 1

Click here for research on the Mearns men who were killed in World War 1.

World War 2

The names of ‘Men From Mearns’ who were killed in World War 2 have now  been added to the website. Click here to access the information.


“Postscript to the Past: Lost Mansions and Houses of Renfrewshire”

This publication by local author Dan Sweeney describes some of the lost mansions of Renfrewshire and the lives and background of the people who lived in them.

“Newton  Mearns Through Time”

Newton  Mearns Through Time”, written by Graeme Smith and Anne Robertson and chronicling changes in and around Newton Mearns over the years.

Royalties from the sale will be donated to the Isobel Mair School.

Vision Productions

Over recent years, members of MHG have produced videos about  topics of local interest. Two of these are available here and can be viewed on-line. Click on an image below and select the play button  when the site opens. The video can be viewed full screen, using the     control.

Ensure that your sound is switched on.

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