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Newton Mearns War Memorial

World War 1

“We Will Remember Them”

To find details for each of the following men, please click on the name.

James Aitken

Robertson Topping Anderson

John Bryson

 John Connoly (Connelly)

Thomas Connoly (Connelly)

Robert Close

William Close

Finlay Cunningham

Nelson Downie

Adam Drysdale

Daniel Ferrie

James Fisher

James French

Andrew Hamilton

George Hamilton

Thomas Hamilton

William Hardie

Robert Harper

Hugh McColl Johnston

John Kirkland

John Lang

William Melville

James McAdam

John McCabe

Matthew McDonald

Dougald (Dougall) McKellar

John McLellan

Neil McLellan

William McKay Orr

Robert Charles Fergusson Pollo(c)k

Thomas Powrie

William Wilson Raeside

James Reid

John Robertson

John Lawson Wren

Frank (Francis) Wyllie

William Edward Wyl(l)ie

David Young

John Moir Young

The names of these Mearns men who were killed are not recorded on  the Civic War Memorial

James Simpson  Maxwell

Lewis McDonald

Charles George Gordon McIntosh

James Alexander McIntosh

James Menzies

Eric Pearce Oatts

Thomas Semple

Archibald Douglas Templeton

Godfrey Allan Templeton

David S Tennent

George Stirling Welsh

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