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In the preparation of this website, reference has been made to several publications.

 For those who wish to find out more, these sources are listed  below.

Old Days and Ways in Newton Mearns

Rev. A Boyd Scott

Pickering & Inglis


Eastwood District Heritage and History

Dr. Thomas C. Welsh

Eastwood District Libraries

ISBN 1 871215 06 4


Mearns Matters

Lesley Williams

ISBN 0 951281 60 7


Mearns Matters

Lesley Williams

with revisions by Anne Loudon

ISBN 1 840332 19 0


The Changing Years

Ella Rae


Fairest Parish

A History of Mearns

Eastwood District Libraries


Newton Mearns Parish Church

250 Years of Witness to Christ

1739 - 1989

Souvenir Booklet

Mearns Parish Church

Twelve centuries of Christian Witness


Old Newton Mearns

Anne Loudon & David Kidd

Stenlake Publications

ISBN 1 84033 178


Mearns at Work

Bill Copeland

Mearns Local History Group


A History of Whitecraigs Golf Club

1905 - 2005

Duncan W Hall

Robert Allason



Stuart M  Nisbet


Thomas C Welsh

ISBN: 871215 07 2


Available from

East Renfrewshire Libraries

“A History of Mearns Parish” in three parts.

J. A. Strang unpublished work, 1939

This can be accessed in East Renfrewshire Heritage Centre, Giffnock Library.

History of the Shire of Renfrew

George Crawford published 1710

History Of The County Of Renfrew From The Earliest Times  

William M. Metcalfe  1905

This can be accessed in the East Renfrewshire Heritage Centre, Giffnock Library.

First Statistical Account of Scotland


New Statistical Account of Scotland  


The Course of Time

Robert Pollok 1827

Memories of Mearns in Wartime

Reminiscences of  people who lived in Mearns during the years of the Second World War.

Published by Mearns History Group

Available from the History Group

or Newton Mearns Library

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